My name is Ken Grandlund and I have over 26 years of media experience, with over 18 of those years servicing local TV sales departments on client projects. The last 16 of those years have been right here in the San Diego market. I know the job, I know the town, and I know the people.

I have the technical expertise necessary for quality commercial production, but the knowledge of the San Diego market and established working relationships with many local business owners and ad buyers. Some of these folks may already be your clients, so a working relationship would be virtually seamless.

I am an award winning*, creative professional with the experience to satisfy all client types. From writing the script to shooting the scenes…from lighting the shot to editing the spot…voice-overs, casting, graphics design and effects…my broad experience saves you time and money. I am a highly organized and efficient project manager, able to handle multiple projects in various phases of production while meeting all realistic deadlines and expectations- and sometimes even the unrealistic ones!

I also have a strong promotional/marketing background, allowing me to be a “dual purpose” team player on a variety of projects as needed. In addition to my broadcast media experience, my talents span radio, print, music and theater as well.

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  • 2016 Silver Telly Award (National Award-National Commercial Campaign)
  • 2016 Bronze Telly Award (National Award-Set Design)
  • 2015 CAB Creative Showcase Award Finalist (National Award)
  • 2015 Bronze Telly Award (National Award-Use of Humor)
  • 2014 Bronze Telly Award (National Award- local client commercial)
  • 2013 CAB Creative Showcase Award (National Award)
  • 2013 Bronze Telly Award (National Award- Use of Humor)
  • 2012 Bronze Telly Award (National Award- local commercial client)
  • 2012 Bronze Telly Award (National Award- regional commercial client)
  • 2012 CableFAXIE Finalist Award (B2B-Direct Marketing)
  • 2012 Contest Finalist (online commercial contest)
  • 2009 Silver Telly Award (National Award-local commercial client)
    2008 Emmy Award (Pacific Southwest Region-local station promotion)
    2006 Bronze Telly Award (National Award- local commercial client)
    2003 Bronze Telly Award (National Award-local commercial client)
    2003 Aurora Award (National Award- national commercial client)
    1998 NATPE Iris Award (National Award-local public service announcement)

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